Benefits of Post-natal Yoga

Regain your balance

Motherhood is the most transformational chapter in our lives, beautiful and sacred, yet sometimes overwhelming and challenging.

Between feeding times, changing diapers and severe lack of sleep, we know that we need to regain balance in our new reality. We feel an unconditional love for our child, yet sometimes we struggle to find motivation for self-care. At the same time, we know that as a mother, our mental and emotional state influences our new-born child’s development.

Post-natal yoga classes, especially those offered on a mobile, private basis can be a great solution.

What are the biggest benefits of post-natal yoga classes:

Starting from the physical benefits, post-natal yoga helps to strengthen the pelvic floor area and tones and knits together the separated abdominal muscles. It also realigns the spine and relieves stiffness in the shoulders after carrying your baby for longer periods. Together with promoting general health, post-natal yoga restores hormonal balance as well.

The emotional benefits are far greater than physical. Finding some time to jump on the mat brings us into a deep relaxation state where we are connecting our breathing with emotions and reducing anxiety levels. Regular practice can lower post-partum depression symptoms. While nurturing our bodies, we receive an injection of fresh energy and feel more positive, prepared for the upcoming challenges of the next day.

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