5 ways to meditate without actually meditating

Meditate in a non-standard way

While completing my Yoga Teacher’s Training in India, I was thought that Yoga can be anything and everything at the same time. You don’t have to jump on your mat every single day or sit cross-legged while meditating to consider yourself as a True Yogi. The real essence of Yoga is to be true to yourself.  Stay connected with your body and mind while pursuing your individual, spiritual journey to self-discovery. This profound knowledge enabled me to stay open-minded along my personal path and enjoy each part of it without unnecessary expectations. So, Yoga can be your great passion or devotion, taking care of someone else or even your professional pursue.


Why not to look at meditation in the same way? Specially, if sitting in stillness even for few minutes creates an anxiety in you.

Here are 5 ways to meditate in a non-standard way:

1. Earthing – Being in a close connection with nature, walking outside barefoot, feeling, smelling and touching sand, grass, and greenness around us. Physical connection to the Earth helps to reduce stress, brings us in the present moment and helps to expel the unwanted energy.

2. Mindfullness – There has been a lot written about practising awareness and cultivating mindful living while undertaking the smallest, everyday activities. And that is brilliant, cause mindfulness brings great benefits to your physical and mental health. So next time, when you eat your favourite dessert immerse yourself fully in the experience, using all your senses. Yes, you are a meditating at the same time 😉

3. Dance – This one is my favourite. It was Osho who popularized dynamic meditation or meditation in movement, having in mind that modern society finds it quite difficult to meditate in stillness. So dance like no one is watching and express whatever is in inside of you through movement. You will build your energy up, carrying your aliveness and positivity with you throughout the day.

4. Concentrate on your breath – Did you know that only concentrating on the way your breath slows down the process? And that, the respiratory system is the only system you can control in the body and it influences all others, especially circulatory, nervous and digestive? Practice deep, slow breathing. Start now!

5. Be creative – Have you noticed that when you are fully immersed in the creation process, you don’t acknowledge the world around you, don’t think or feel. You are actually practising Dharana – matter-oriented concentration – the first stage of deep meditation. Think of it next time, when you draw, sing, play or create.