India - the land of detachment

Memories from my Yoga Teachers Training in 2014

If someone asked me what is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of India that would be TO LET GO

Starting from those small materialistic things like expecting that there will be hot water under the shower, or that the electricity and Internet will work, and then they stop in the most needed moments…just let go. India teaches us how to be in the present, how to cherish this exact moment, how to be here and now…literally. Like the other day, I was on my way to the beach looking at the stars at night and I was almost run over by a scooter. This place is so powerful and colourful, like beautiful chaos but it requires full attention and awareness. Let go of the past and future, only now exists..

India teaches us to let go of expectations, opinions and listen with an open heart and no judgements.

It is a warm and friendly space where you can feel at home where real values count. It is so far from Western lifestyle and its definition of happiness. Nevertheless, along with strong feelings of tradition, ancient philosophy and religion, India is also a real challenge where you are learning to let go of all the things that you don’t need in your life: negative energy, people that put you down, or expectations about yourself to be fully grounded and balanced. I came here with so many expectations and questions about my future, putting so much pressure on myself but I realized that I just have to be, so I let it go…

I will receive anything and everything that will appear on my beautiful journey of life.