Amazing benefits of Private Yoga

Start your yoga journey right now

We all know how difficult it is to find time to tick all the activities from our daily list including finding a few spare minutes for self-care. The last is probably the most challenging. Our goal-oriented mind is constantly rushing, not leaving us any space to be fully present in the current moment.

Health and wellbeing should always be our first priority; allowing time for rest, good night sleep, quality diet and physical exercises, and we all are aware of that. Why then it is so difficult to introduce a few changes into our daily routines?

Private, mobile yoga classes can be one of the solutions and a strong supportive tool to make a change.

Key advantages of private yoga classes include

1. Classes at your most convenient time and place

If you are very busy and your schedule resembles more of a roller-coaster ride, it is challenging to commit to regular classes. With private yoga sessions, you don’t need to. We are meeting at your most convenient time and space, whether it is your home, a park or close-by beach. The private character of the class allows the flexibility to adjust each session to your best needs.

2. Practice adjusted to your personal goals

Not only can the time and place be adjusted but also the level and type of class.

Few examples:

  • You had a baby and would love to strengthen your pelvic floor area,
  • You struggle with a particular health condition or would like to concentrate on specific areas,
  • You don’t sleep well and would like to calm your mind and de-stress.

Group yoga classes are usually too general to address our individual issues.

Our classes are tailor-made depending on your mood, fatigue level and feeling on that particular day. Creativity, fluidity and the openness of our sessions bring the deepest benefits and personal progress.

3. Postural feedback and alignment support

As we are working on a one-on-one basis, I will know your body, your limitations and the history of your previous injuries. This knowledge will allow me to design each session to be of maximum benefit to you. Moreover, you will receive a lot of feedback on your postural alignment and imbalances – which areas to stretch, which to strengthen. I will explain the technique of each asana, for you to feel comfortable and safe. Together we will make your journey towards better physical, emotional and mental health much easier and much more fun too.

4. Building a trustworthy relationship with me

The private character of yoga classes creates a safe and calming environment where there is no place for judgement, competitiveness or the overwhelming feeling of the group class. I am your guide and your friend on the mat with whom you can relax, open up and even be silly sometimes. We are building a beautiful and trustworthy relationship to encourage your deeper change.

5. Receiving holistic tools for a lifetime

When you start your regular practice, you will notice that your private yoga teacher is giving you tools that can be used “off the mat” in your every-day life: proper posture and breathing habits, calmer mind with less stress and higher mental clarity, and a more mindful and positive life. Your spirit will shine with a new light and it will be seen by everyone around you.



If you would like to know more or start your yoga journey with me, just send me a message.