Conscious creation of our reality

Gaining new life perspective

What you think about who YOU ARE is actually who you were in the past, yesterday, 2 min ago...

We can make a shift, a change in this particular moment. We can become Michelangelo and make the best sculpture of our life by conscious creation of our reality.


Letting go of negative thought patterns, childhood wounds and in-grown habitual behaviours is sometimes a life-time challenge but what else should we prioritize rather than looking for our deepest truth and exploring our highest potential.

You will ask: How?

Everyone is talking about listening to the voice of our intuition, tuning in with our strongest desires, but what if noises in our head are too loud to hear anything or our life situation too overwhelming.

Luckily, we have many tools:
  • Use meditation to silence your mind, even 5 min a day;
  • Set intentions, send a message to the Universe about what you want and what makes you happy and then surrender;
  • Watch inspirational videos every morning before even leaving your bed;
  • Create a vision board with your future goals, or if you don’t know your goals, create a vision board with emotions that you would like to experience or people you would like to surround yourself with;
  • Write, just write, whatever comes to your mind;
  • Connect with others, ask, share, create an evening with friends with the theme: ‘Conscious creation of reality’ and see what they have to say;
  • Try to surrender to everything that feels ‘difficult, hard, unpleasant.

Last but not least, wait until the Universe will work its magic ;)