Corporate yoga classes

Improve your Employee's wellbeing

Shape of harmony offers special, customised yoga programs for businesses that are beneficial both for a company and its Employees. Today’s business world brings many challenges. We spend many hours in front of computers, skip meals and don’t know how to have high quality rest. Consequently, our stress levels and overall tension increase within the body causing chronic fatigue, psychosomatic conditions and lower quality of work and life.

Corporate yoga classes provide individuals with the right tools to overcome this vicious circle and reset satisfaction and productivity levels in the workplace.

What are the benefits of the Program?

Corporate yoga classes bring many benefits ranging from improving physical and mental health to creating better workplace relations. As simple as “happier employee = more successful corporation”, you will see a big change in your employees’ attitude and performance, such as:

  • Higher levels of energy, satisfaction and engagement [1]
  • Increased productivity and creativity at work
  • Better stress management and concentration [2]
  • Improvement of physical health and less work-related injures

Yoga is a life transforming experience that stretches the body, mind and heart. It will make your employee a healthier and happier person.

What do we offer within a corporate yoga program?

We can prepare a personalized program tailored to your specific needs whether you are a large corporation or a small business. We offer beginners yoga classes as well as more advanced sessions.

Classes are delivered in 4 or 8 week modules around Perth area giving you the opportunity to continuously evaluate outcomes and to adjust your program arrangements.

Corporate yoga classes are held at the company’s premises (this can be a meeting or conference room or even a nearby park) and usually run before or after work. Alternatively, there can be a shorter, 45 min yoga session organised during a lunch break.

We also offer private yoga classes at the company premises or outdoors.

What is the cost of a corporate yoga class?

Please contact us to receive the quote with our price and other details.

The cost of corporate yoga classes can be covered by a company, an employee or be shared.

Want to book a trial class? Contact us now!

If you are interested in alternative ways in which we can enhance your employees’ lifestyle and wellbeing, please check our special Holistic Programs.

Who has trusted us?
Our client's testimonials

We have Renata come into the Australian Red Cross to run a corporate Yoga program and for all the staff. We share the cost among us as sadly our organisation cannot pay for it. Everyone agrees it is the best value for money!

Renata is an amazing teacher and has kept us all on our toes and loving yoga. With a mixed level of beginners to the experienced she manages to make it fun and challenging for us all.
She has such a beautiful style that is the perfect combination of fun, strengthening, light hearted and inspiring at the end of a long day.

Thank you Renata for looking after our mind/body wellness!!!

Natasha Venables, Red Cross


Shape of Harmony is run by Renata, one of the most peaceful, graceful and experienced Yogis I have ever met. I practice yoga with her every week in my home – incredibly convenient (especially with a young child), plus more relaxing for me than travelling to a yoga studio. More importantly in each session she is totally focused on my technique – subtly correcting and improving my posture. Another big benefit is that she tailors each session to what I need on that particular day – if I have an injury she can modify the session to accommodate; if I am feeling particularly tight in a body part we will focus on that.

If I could spend time with Renata each day, I would! She has a lovely calming presence, and she is very respectful of me and being in my ‘space’. I highly recommend her – I really can’t praise her enough!

Narelle Mounsey, Chevron


I love the yoga lessons at shape of harmony! Even though I’m quite inflexible, Renata customizes our private classes to make things as comfortable as possible. And I’m seeing great results!!

Meheransh Chopra, Willeri Dental




1 International Yoga Journal “Impact of yoga way of life on organizational performance”

2 Harvard Medical School “How the ancient practices affect genes and brain activity in the chronically stressed”