Discover your femininity

Women's Day Retreat

Discover your femininity with a whole day experience that can transform the way you feel.

We invite you to find yourself again, feel empowered and rejuvenate with a Feminine Retreat Program. We offer feminine movement class with dance, yoga, massage lesson, creating your own personalised skincare, a nutrition talk, setting intentions, healthy and nourishing food and finish with a meditation to send you off feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Embracing a new standard in feminine awareness, ‘Discover Your Femininity’ Retreat, located in Mundaring, surrounded by natural beauty, flora, a natural swimming lake and incredible views, is designed to create an integrated approach to allow you to discover the possibilities of living a more powerful and vibrant lifestyle.

When is the event happening?

On the 8th of July from 9:45 am to 5 pm.

How much do you need to invest?
  • Till the end of June$170
  • In July till the event$190
How can you join?

Follow this link to read more and subscribe.

Where is the event?

In a stunning location just next to the river in Mundaring.

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