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Online Yoga

Discover an innovative wellness solution to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

Together with the Australian physiotherapy centre, Greenwood Physio, we have created a unique Yoga & Pilates Program. Our Program is designed with a special focus on tackling the most common physical conditions that arise as a result of our modern day lifestyle – lower back issues, tight hamsrings, tension around neck and shoulders and other common aches and pain. On the flip side, our relaxation sessions work like a charm, leaving your rejuvanted after a long stressful day.

We are offering Live classes every week that are streamed through Zoom.

I have been attending yoga with Renata for about 6 months and it has totally transformed my practice. Renata is friendly, patient, encouraging, engaging and incredibly knowledgeable about yoga and body alignment. She is a passionate teacher who I would highly recommend to anyone!

Bethany Walker



5:00 pm Therapy Yoga

A therapeutic yoga practice excellent for desk-bound and active sportspeople who need a good stretch. Classes target problematic areas like lower back issues, tightness around hips and hamstrings as well as neck stiffness. A great remedy to regenerate your whole body while enjoying an active lifestyle.

Duration: 60 min

Cost: $10 per class


5:00 pm Yogalates

An online session that is a combination of Yoga and Pilates class, concentrating on building core, strenghtening muscles and promoting a proper posture. Dynamic and energizing type of practice that is suitable for everyone who would like to tone up.

Duration: 60 min 

Cost: $10 per class


9:30 am Slow Flow Yoga

 A slowe-paced yoga class using longer holds, supportive props and slower transitions between poses. A great place to build your solid yoga founsations, learn how to meditate and breathe properly. Suitable for all levels, especially beginners. 

Duration: 60 min 

Cost: $10 per class

* We use Trybooking to manage your bookings and collect your payments. Your information is safe and secure. 

The levels of the classes is open, suitable for beginners as well. You don’t need any other equipment apart from yoga mat, device you will be streaming our classes and Internet connection. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at