From OMG to OM

Release your stress through Yoga

Have you heard of the most recent statistics on mental health?

Almost 80% of people suffer from stress and the physical symptoms caused by stress on every day basis. Anxiety disorders affect 40 million adults in the United States year by year*

We all know that stress is our silent killer causing numerous negative effects on our overall health, but, do we know how to deal with it in the most effective way?
Can we recognize if we are stressed and how quickly release this negative feeling?

This is my intention for this workshop.

I would like to share with you the best yoga-inspired tools to improve our stress response and decrease our anxiety levels.
Yoga has been known for over 5000 years to be one of the most healing and holistic health method.
Let’s discover it together during our 90 min meeting.
I want to show you how by practicing specific yoga poses, breathing exercises and meditation, we can calm our nervous system and control our mind better.
Additionally, during our meeting we will explore different type of mindful practices and discover the benefits of essential oils on our emotional and mental health.

As I am running these workshops for the first time in Portugal, I have a small gift:

Do you have anyone close to you, who might benefit from this type of workshop? A family member, your soul mate or a friend? Bring him/her for free and offer this beautiful gift (I am offering one ticket for 2 people).



Join me on the 27th of September (Thursday) from 7:30 to 9:00 pm at the  Sensiis Cascais.
The price is 20 euro.

The space is limited so make sure to book your spot ASAP.


Few more words about my previous experience:
For the last 3 years while working in Australia I concentrated on the mental health aspect and how yoga can be a very effective tool to deal with stress, anxiety disorder and even depression. I completed the Mental Health First Aid Training and attended many workshops concentrating on that issue. Under the Shape of harmony, I cooperated with the Mental Health Commission, Red Cross and other non for profit organisations offering services for refugees with trauma. It is a very close subject to me and I am passionate about educating and empowering people on how can we improve the quality of our lives through yoga.


Additional information:
– Please reserve your spot because our space is limited (send me DM)
– Wear comfortable, sport-type of clothes 
– No previous yoga experience is necessary, the level is open