Sister Circle with essential oils

Learn about amazing benefits of essential oils

Come and join me on sunny Sunday morning for a sister circle and learn more about the power of essential oils.

Recently, I have been so passionate and drawn to these little miracles of nature so I have decided to organise feminine and fun workshops with oils, meditation and many yummy snacks.

I have invited Zsuzsa Octaviano – a beautiful and like-minded soul to join our circle and share her wide ranging experiences as well.
You can read her story here.

We will share with you:
  • What are essential oils?
  • How to use them in a safe way?
  • How to introduce a non-toxic lifestyle and enhance your overall wellbeing?
Why do I love essential oils?

First of all, I am huge on smells..hehe, I know that sounds strange but aromatic essence plays a huge part in my life. You will hear me say: ‘can I smell it’ instead of ‘can I try it?’
And these oils’ scent is just divine.

With time I found it extremely important to either reduce or totally eliminate any nasties, toxins, poisons and any harmful substances that are getting into my blood stream, my skin or my home environment. Oils gave me an amazing opportunity to introduce a non-toxic life style and self-care on many levels. Think of natural skin products, natural cleaning products, natural everything 🙂

They also support my physical wellbeing, sleeping patterns, immune system, headache…just name it..

This is a big one: Essential oils help me to connect with my subtle body as well, while supporting my emotional health and spiritual practice. I feed so connected to Mother nature, the voice of my intuition and everything around me.

They also fulfil the creative child within me. I love to experiment with different scents and create blends for my diffuser or any other occasion.


So as you see, this is a perfect opportunity for you to learn and experience the amazing benefits of oils.
Besides, this is a bloody beautiful way to spend Sunday morning around like-minded sisters.

The event is free and you are welcome to bring a friend or two, just please register for us to know how many goodies with oils should we prepare. You will also receive some samples to take with you home.

** Address will be emailed to you upon booking (SOR, 5 km from CBD)

Much love,
Renata & Zsuzsa