How yoga can be a great remedy for expats?

Dear Expat, Digital Nomad or frequent world traveller,

Let me draw a small picture. You have found your dream location, spend your time on exploring new culture, food and amazing landscapes. You feel like the king of the world with an unlimited potential.

Did I get it right? It definitely sounds pretty awesome.

As an expat myself I can agree but to a point. Our lifestyle comes with new challenges as well and I am not just referring to cultural differences.

New environments, challenges at work, lacking your friends and feeling home-sick might increase your stress levels.  Access to public health care might be limited in a foreign country, so keeping your health on track gains a new meaning.  On top of that, like almost all of us, you are guilty of an overly sedentary lifestyle. You may have started to suffer from small pains and aches here and there and this doesn’t allow you to stay fully productive at work.

This is precisely the moment when Yoga is of most benefit to many expats.

Regular yoga practice:
  • decreases our stress levels and offers a great grounding practice to bring back harmony in life;
  • improves our overall health and is a great boost to our immune system for you not worry too much about the health care in a new country;
  • helps to fight the negative effect of the “sitting disease” by stretching and strengthening our body;
  • and additionally, it boosts our energy levels so you are able to reach your greater potential.

I have been practicing yoga on a regular basis for over a decade and it still surprises with the number of positive changes it brings to my everyday life.

I wanted to share it with you so I prepared the Zen Expat Guide – a free guide with yoga poses, meditation ideas and holistic health tips for expats.

You can get this guide here. I hope you will find it helpful.