Shape of harmony offers individual and tailored yoga sessions run on a mobile basis across Western Australia.

Have you ever thought of trying a private yoga class?  There are numerous benefits and multiple reasons why an individual class might be a more suitable solution than practising in the group environment.  

Discover the benefits of private yoga classes


I tailor each class to your specific needs, take into consideration your health condition and the history of your previous injuries. Each practice is different and can be even adjusted to how you are feeling at any particular day.

It is an excellent solution if you deal with a specific medical condition and would like to use yoga as a therapeutic remedy.

The convenience of time and location

You can book a private yoga class at your most convenient time and place, either it is your home, a nearby park or even a beach. It saves you travel time and inconvenience of standing in the traffic. Not mentioning the fact that you can practice at the safety and comfort of your own home.

So, if your schedule looks like a roller coaster and you cannot commit to regular classes, private sessions are the way to go.

Trustworthy relationship

As we work on a one-to-one basis, I know your body, your limitations and the history of your previous injuries. This knowledge will allow me to design each session to be of maximum benefit to you. Moreover, you will receive a lot of feedback on your postural alignment and imbalances – which areas to stretch, which to strengthen. I will explain the technique of each asana, for you to feel comfortable and safe. Together we will make your journey towards better physical, emotional and mental health much more relaxed and more fun too. Our trustworthy relationship will encourage your more significant progress.

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