Welcome to Shape Of Harmony
A space that will help you calm your mind,
rejuvenate and revitalise your body
and bring back the sensation of harmony
and fulfilment in your life

We offer a unique blend of private and group Yoga and Pilates classes, meditation and mindfulness sessions, wellbeing coaching, holistic health workshops, and retreats.
It is a one-stop for all your wellbeing needs where your mind, body and spirit will be well taken care of in a heart-centred, safe and nurturing environment.

It's high time to focus on YOU, your health and wellbeing. It's time to feel empowered, strong and deeply nourished again.

Because in this state, you will feel like you can move the mountains and achieve anything you want to.  You will be more open to follow your dreams and explore your desires. And when life gets challenging, you will also be able to navigate your situation with more grace, peace and acceptance.

Unfortunately, the modern world doesn’t prioritise living and being well. It’s all about rushing, stressing and feeling overwhelmed. It’s all about achievements and doing more. 

So, my invitation is to help you tap into the remembrance of BEING MORE. More nourished, relaxed, playful and definitely HAPPIER. To reconnect with your body, heart and soul and design a more fulfilling life.


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Yoga, Pilates & Embodiment Practices
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Holistic Wellbeing Coaching
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Hello, I’m Renata Popis 

I’m a gypsy soul and endless dreamer obsessed with personal growth and a holistic approach to life.    

 8 years ago, I decided to quit my stable corporate job in Poland, moved to Australia and dived deep into my growth-oriented adventure. I wanted to empower and
inspire people to live more fulfilled and healthy lives and reach their fullest potential. I became a Certified Life Coach, a qualified Yoga and Pilates teacher, and completed multiple courses and
trainings to offer my clients as much support as possible. 

Fast forward to today, I offered over 3000 sessions, ran multiple workshops and retreats and empowered hundreds of people worldwide.

I also had an amazing privilege to work with the biggest Australian organisations such as Red Cross, Mental Health Commission, Association for Refugees with Trauma and Bupa.

I could not have imagined a more fulfilling vocation. 


“Shape of harmony is run by Renata, one of the most peaceful, graceful and experienced Yogis I have ever met. If I could spend time with Renata each day, I would! She has a lovely calming presence, and she is very respectful of me and being in my ‘space’. I highly recommend her – I really can’t praise her enough!”

– Narelle Mounsey, South 32

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