Shape your inner balance,
not only your body

Discover powerful holistic tools that will help you bring back the sense of peace and harmony in life.

Welcome to Shape Of Harmony

The space that will help you shape your inner balance, not only your body.

If we turn inwards, land in our bodies and connect with our breaths,

we can rediscover the most nourishing sensation of peace.

Actually, everything that we have ever been searching for can be found within.

We just need to re-learn how to quiet our mind and connect with our hearts again

In this space, you will find powerful tools that will guide you through this journey.

I deeply believe in the power of Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and different relaxation practices

that will calm your nervous system and bring back the sensation of harmony and fullfilment.


Discover my offerings

Online Yoga

Join me and my community LIVE every week and discover the amazing benefits of practising yoga at the comfort of your home.
(Zoom Live Classes)

Corporate Yoga

Discover how to improve your Employee's wellbeing and introduce health and wellness oriented community at the workplace.
(Corporate Health Programs)

Private Yoga

Start your yoga and meditation journey with me and enjoy tailored and individual practice at your most convenient time and place.
(Mobile or Online Classes)

Shape of harmony is run by Renata, one of the most peaceful, graceful and experienced Yogis I have ever met. If I could spend time with Renata each day, I would! She has a lovely calming presence, and she is very respectful of me and being in my 'space'. I highly recommend her - I really can't praise her enough!

Narelle Mounsey, Chevron

Hey! Renata here,

a qualified yoga teacher, a Balinese Massage Therapist and a Practical Social Psychology graduate, oh and…a never-ending student of life.

If I were to describe myself in a few words, it would be…a soulful coach, conscious creator and an endless dreamer.

A holistic approach to life has always been very close to my heart. I have been working with body awareness and mindful attitude using yoga, dance, meditation and a massage for almost two decades now. Along the way, I also worked as a marketing whizz for 10 years, but that’s a totally different story.

Sending love and gratitude,

Renata x

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