Retreats & Workshops

For those of your wanting to dive deeper and enjoy a holistic, whole-hearted and transformational experience, I’m inviting you to join one of my workshops, events or retreats. 

I love to offer different mind, body and soul nourishing immersions in collaboration with like-minded souls where we can gather our community and create some magic together.

18th -21st OF OCTOBER 2024, PREMALAYA

Yallingup Wellbeing Retreat

Unwind, recharge, and reconnect with nature at our 3-day Yallingup Wellbeing Retreat! Join us for yoga, Pilates, breathwork, a stunning waterfall hike, and transformative personal growth workshops.

What to expect during the retreat?

  • Morning movement practice: Yoga, Pilates, breathwork and meditation
  • A waterfall and coast hike
  • Personal growth and self discovery workshop
  • Optional massage, sauna and ice baths
  • Wholesome and Ayurvedic-inspired cuisine
  • Fire ceremony and evening activities


Mini Winter Retreat & Myall Reunion

With the greatest pleasure, in collaboration with Myall Wellbeing and Healhy Bodhi, we would like to invite you to a warm, cosy and nurturing afternoon where you will have a chance to reconnect with yourself, deeply relax and be inspired on how to support your health and wellbeing.

What to expect during the retreat?

  • Holistic Wellbeing Workshop
  • Yin Yoga & Sound Immersion
  • Cacao Ceremony & Intention setting


Cultivating an Abundant Mindset

During this experiential and empowering workshop, you will discover and learn how to cultivate an abundant and growth-oriented mindset on a daily basis. 

What to expect during the workshop?

  •  The neuroscience of building an abundant and growth mindset and how cultivating this approach can empower you in your daily living;
  • A yoga-inspired embodiment practice involving movement, breath, guided meditation and visualisation to create a sense of spaciousness, lightness and abundance in your body and mind.
  • A self-reflective journaling experience helping you understand and shift unsupportive thought patterns and embrace your strengths.
  • Many inspiring mindset-building tools and techniques to take home with you and practice daily. 


The Path to Peace

The Path to Peace is a 2h workshop during which you will explore powerful yoga-inspired tools to decrease your stress and anxiety levels. You will be taken on a journey to dive deeper into your body and your breath and rediscover the most nourishing sensation of peace and tranquillity.

This workshop is an excellent solution for anyone who experiences high levels stress and anxiety, feels drained and fatigue and struggles with low energy and motivation.

  • A science-based theory explaining the physiological, mental and emotional effects of stress;
  • An overview of the most effective ways to manage stress levels more effectively;
  • A restorative and gentle yoga session, suitable for total beginners;
  • Stress-release breathing practices that will regulate your nervous system;
  • Mindfulness, guided meditation and other relaxation techniques that will help quiet your mind, develop greater self-awareness and cultivate a more loving approach to life;
  • A safe container for you to deeply rejuvenate, connect with others and restore;
  • Additional resources and materials to take home to continue your journey to greater wellbeing;
  • Healthy and plant-based snacks and calming tea on the day.